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In times of increasing connectivity and advanced tech features in cars, consumers more than ever expect an intuitive and seamless experience that needs to be safe as well. How can car manufacturers, suppliers and the industry in general achieve this without ending in a "arms race for functions"? Usability and ease of use are at the center of the HMI design. Join our UX community to share your thoughts and experience on how to create the ideal HMI.

The crucial moment to really start with our HMI benchmarking software “screens” came after the Intuitive Vehicles - Human Factors, HMI, UX 2018. My colleagues and I talked about our conversations at the fair and realised the remarkable fact that each one of us was told the same story regarding the way OEMs do HMI benchmarking. Of course we had specifically asked for it in the conversations, because we had discussed the idea for “screens” before, but never really pursued it. From that moment on it was clear: Everyone has to struggle with HMI benchmarking and we have an idea how to solve this. If we hadn’t been able to have so many conversations with different OEMs in such a short time, we would have hesitated forever and probably never started.

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Key topics

Join our UX community to share your thoughts and experience on how to create the ideal HMI.


  • See how HUD will evolve

  • Test HMI Benchmarking tools

  • Realize the crucial role of Augmented & Mixed Realities

  • Grow your UX Design

  • Play your vision into Gamification applications

  • Hear how to design userfriendly Interior & Lighting Design

  • Learn how Speech & Personal In-Car Assistants revolutionize HMIs

  • Get an overview of the current HMI Development Tools

  • Understand what Advanced Display Technology means


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Meet our community of experts whom have been leading the past decades of advocacy in the automotive industry.

There were a lot of experts who have a lot to say. People from different levels - OEMS, Tier 1, Tier 2 and startups!
— Magna Powertrain

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